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All our animals

With us, from the doggie to the 2 cats, including our witch casseroles or insects, you will see that almost everything breathes a little air of magic.

We are not against welcoming your animals and if necessary, we will provide a bed for the doggie or a basket for the cat, we do not have a cage for rabbits. However, they are under your responsibility:  we must remember that as we already have animals, yours will have to be used to  see chickens roaming freely in the garden, cats in the house... and do not try to bite them or risk being bitten. Not to mention our dear Scooby, an adorable 30 kg care bear coward who watches over his "baby" cats and casseroles like milk on the stove!

You will have the possibility to use our terrace and the non-private part of the garden.

Nos Flaireurs

I present to you below our scents, declared in due form to the department of magical animals of the French Ministry of Magic. Our detention permit is compliant and, if they are a bit facetious, they are above all very good at sniffing out people's intentions.

Nos poules  La Chambre Sorcière, Pallanne, Gers.

Nos cocottes 

You will discover their story by surfing our Facebook page @La Chambre Sorcière or I will tell it to you in person, you will see that these chickens are important and special.

A long time ago, my ancestor Aglaë Froufrous, who was not very good at metamorphosis, asked her two friends Zora and Sidonie to help her work on this art... and what had to happen happened, they could not return to their initial state...


Under this name hides a descendant of Croup Mor Dichus.

Magical animal with a forked tail, his grandfather has his portrait in our gallery of paintings, faithful to our family his descendants; have mixed with muggle canines over the decades. We therefore have a compliant training permit issued by the Ministry of Magic.

Notre toutou majordome La Chambre Sorcière, Pallanne, Gers.
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