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La Chambre Sorcière. Chambre d'hôtes à Pallanne dans le Gers.

Once upon a time... in Pallanne in the Gers

Serred'or coat of arms created by V. Ranzani =-Vincent, VR Mara, representing the witch houses of the two owners in 1 love witch coat of arms.

One day, Mara, with the agreement of her Doudou, decides to open her home to non-mages and sorcerers as long as they are families or lovers. With the help of the International Code of Magical Secrecy, this couple of Wizards gets into the habit of doing a certain number of things like Muggles; for the rest, only closed shutters, winter solitude or the accomplice night can tell you what they is! However, Mara must give their magical animals the appearance of non-magical animals, Croup Scooby looks like an Arhès beaggle, as for the 2 scenters they are neither more nor less in the eyes of muggles than purring cats equipped with a strong character. But what cat isn't like that?! The 3 chickens have a story of their own that Mara will tell you over a hearty breakfast. Their house is perched on top of a hill in the heart of the Gers countryside. They live there, surrounded by their animals, receiving visits from their friends and family who for some transfluent, for others apparate, use a portkey or simply the transportation tunnel whose station is close due to the presence of the French School of Magic nearby1* (see Eric VINCENT fanfiction). Mara will open her workshop to you where you will discover her Capes, cases and various creations as well as her paintings and sculptures. You will also be able to discover magical artifacts from the wizarding world of Great Britain as well as unique creations from fellow Muggle and wizard artisans. Walk through the door of their house and come and recharge your batteries in their magical world. *copyrights V. Ranzani-Vincent - The Witch's Room

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